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Hi, I'm Miranda!

I am an Interaction Designer with a visual design background. I studied at the Austin Center for Design and especially love to build brands and products, learn about people and culture, make to-do lists (and cross things off!), paint and travel.

Not only am I concerned with the aesthetics and functionality of a design, but also the emotional impact it delivers. 

Areas of expertise: User Research, Service Design, Storyboarding, UX Strategy, Brand Strategy, Strategic Planning, Concept Creation, Rapid Prototyping, and Trend Watching.


Wanna talk design? Let's meet for coffee (and cake!).

Miranda.M.Hoffman (at) gmail.com


Design Philosophy

I take an empathic approach to design. This approach relies on observation of target users as opposed to traditional market research. Through observation, I believe that we are able to better empathize and identify underlying needs that lead us to more thoughtful design solutions that people don’t know they desire or have difficulty envisioning.

The story is everything. We begin to internalize the stories of those we meet during research, in synthesis we relay stories of what we saw, and through ideation and prototyping we begin to create new stories to understand the use. The story is the design or product. It is what makes others believe in your vision.

There is no perfect formula to design. The process can be messy and we have to possess the ability to push through, and sometimes circle back, to consider the many possibilities and arrive at a solution.